The flowers presented are samples of floral compositions that we will deliver to your dear wife who deserves so much.

The compositions will be created weekly, according to the seasons, the freshness of the flowers and the inspiration of our specialists. 


Every week will be different and will be an opportunity to surprise your wife.

She can be surprised by your delicate attention by receiving a sumptuous bouquet of red roses surrounded by greenery, another week, a decoration for the table of Shabbat, the following week, a bouquet of wild flowers and so many other surprises.

We assure you of the freshness of the flowers and the quality of the aesthetics.

The average value of a bouquet is $ 25.

At the Shabbat Flowers Club, we wish you to enrich your relationship as a couple when subscribing your significant other to our lovely service. Let the Shalom Bait breathe in your house with the fragrant smell of a flower arrangement that will reveal and testify your love.


You can choose to subscribe for a week, a month, 6 months or a year: the bigger your love, the longer the subscription, the lesser the price!

Each subscription is automatically renewal. You can cancel a day or more before each period renewal.

Price include delivery.