How it works?

Shabbat Flowers Club is the first and unique Los angeles membership only subscription service that delivers flowers to your beloved every Friday before shabbat.
As a member, your soulmate and loved ones will receive beautiful flowers before shabbat, each and every shabbat of the year!


The only thing you have to do to demonstrate your love and dedication is to sign her up for a membership that will make her even more special, special to you!


You can choose to join for a weekly subscription, a monthly subscription, 6 months, or one year!

Bigger is your love

Longer is the subscription

Lesser is the price


For your peace of mind and peace at home, subscriptions will run automatically unless you want to cancel it.

Cancellation is an easy process:

- We provide you with a link at the time of subscription and with each invoice to access your account, to manage it or to cancel it.

- You can also, just send us an email and we will cancel it for you.

The delay of cancellation is 3 days prior to the next period.


Subscription on hold:

You can put your subscription on hold if you know that you will be out of town.

Just send us an email and we will take care of it. Please, advise 2 days before the next delivery.


Delivery to a friend or family:

You can decide to send exceptionally the delivery to the person of your choice (in the delivery area) by sending us an email with all the delivery info.

Please advise us 2 days before the next delivery.