Charity Affiliate Program

Our service is really all about giving! Giving flowers, giving love! 
We all love receiving a gift especially flowers…but it’s even better to give…
Our tradition teaches that giving benefits the donor as much as the recipient:  it’s very important for the Shabbat Flowers Club to contribute to the growth of our institutions, our schools and our synagogues, which is why we choose to donate to a Community institution.
Each subscription will be affiliated with the institution of your choice, from the list below.
To do this, simply mention the name of the institution in the comments at checkout.
Can't find the institution you wish us to make the donation?
Simply mention in the comments at checkout the name and contact details, and we will make it happen.
If you forgot to mention a sponsoring institution, do not hesitate to email us at info@shabbatflowersclub.com and we will update your account.
Charity Affiliates:
Charity Affiliate program shabbat flowers club hark ham hillel hebrew academy Shabbat Flowers Club affiliate charity program Shalhevet High School
charity affiliate program yula boys los angeles shabbat flowers club Charity affiliate program Shabbat Flowers Club Our Eliyahu Charity affiliate program shabbat flowers club jewish french community centershabbat flowers club jewish woman affiliate program Magen Avotshabbat flowers club los angeles affiliate program Link Kollel and ShulChabad Shabbat Flowers Club Charity ProgramPico Shul Charity Affiliate Program Shabbat Flowers ClubGlobal Kindness Charity Affiliate Program shabbat Flowers ClubTomchei LA Shabbat Flowers Club affiliate program